What, you never thought to wear a corset over a flower print dress? And what exactly has stopped you from donning a pair of knit stockings in a contrasting print? I don’t know what little detail finally propelled this outfit into cosmic awesomeness for me - the playing card earrings, the exquisite eye makeup, or the vintage hat?

The American Midwest can be a drab place and everywhere I go, people wear solids in shades of gray, black, beige, and dull green. Navy blue seems like a shocking statement. Prints? Rarely. March is often the least colorful month of the year as the melting snows in the urban streets create greige sludge all around. I simply won’t have it and try to wage a personal campaign to play more with your clothes, to think of them as a creative palette on the body that is your walking canvas.

It cheers me up to think there is a corner in Japan where such brilliantly creative excess and fashionable risk taking is an everyday occurrence. Do they take it for granted, I wonder? When I look at the background of most Harajuku street style pics, I see yet more artistic clothing ensembles just going about their own business. One important question: do you have to be under 25 to get away with this? I say no but am having a hard time finding the pics to prove it!

Source: tokyofashion.com