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Mad Men Inspiration post #3 - Light blue satin formal dress with floral applique and fishtail back panels. Silk satin.

Betty Draper, hands down!


And now some babydoll dresses that have come through my store!

The lace one is a Betsey Johnson that is kind of like a tunic/dress - pairs w/bottoms or wear it as an ultra mini. Find it here:

The baby blue one was snatched up by my model with vicious enthusiasm before I had a chance to even list it. It’s one of the truest “baby doll” dresses that I have ever seen as it literally looks like a little dress for a doll…but in adult size.

The one on the right is a 70s take on the style - soft and flowy a la Virgin Suicides.


spring pastels - fresh, soft, and girly!
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spring pastels - fresh, soft, and girly!

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